Unveiling the Future with Klika's New Corporate Identity

Klika's rebrand heralds a bold step into the future. Their evolved identity—vibrant, refined, and modern—reflects they global ambition while honoring the core values that define the legacy. Discover the renewed Klika: innovation paired with timeless trust.

Brand Attributes

Shaping Klika's Identity

In designing for Klika, I forged an identity that mirrors their ethos and the impact they aspire to achieve for their clients. It’s a careful composition of their vision and attributes, all of which I have meticulously brought to life through their visual identity and the designs I've crafted.
Klika creates highly scalable custom software solutions that meet the unique needs of each business, driving growth, improving efficiency, and providing a competitive edge.
Klika is committed to helping people and businesses build transformative technologies that leave a lasting impact on the world, while also prioritizing responsibility and sustainability.
Klika takes a collaborative approach to each project, working closely with clients to ensure that their vision is realized.
Tone of Voice

Honing Klika's Voice

Crafting Klika’s voice was a thoughtful process, shaped by the brand's core attributes. I've laid down a framework for their copywriters and marketers, ensuring every communication piece resonates with the brand’s essence and speaks directly to their audience with clarity and purpose.
Klika believes that technology is the force that shapes our world, revolutionizes the way we live, connects us with each other, and propels economies forward, and they are committed to harnessing its power to create a better world.
Klika takes their five core values seriously and prioritizes active participation, honesty, respect, diversity, friendship, community service, and a healthy, active lifestyle to achieve their shared goals.
Klika is passionate about helping clients achieve their digital transformation goals, and they firmly believe in driving progress and positive change.
New direction

Segmenting Klika's Brand

My approach to Klika's brand strategy was to segment it into six distinct sections, a reflection of their multifaceted business. Each project I’ve worked on, each strategy I’ve devised, and each message I’ve communicated adheres to these six categories – a structure that maintains Klika’s brand integrity and narrative cohesiveness.
img_klika direction
Logo Design

A Symbol of Connection and Forward Thinking

The Klika corporate logo comprises two elements, the logo mark and wordmark. The logotype is a powerful image evoking the connection between the people and the different points of their life in data format.

This evokes their brand's commitment to innovation, progress, and the future. 

Logo idea: Pedja Kazazovic

img_klika logotype
Logo mark

Stylized letter A

The emblem features a cleverly designed 'A' that also serves as the tip of an arrow, symbolizing they aim to soar to new achievements and hit their goals. This letter integration into the logo subtly but powerfully underlines what the brand stands for.
img_klika direction
Font Family

Primary typeface

The most recognizable and frequently used font. I choose Helvetica Neue. It is a bold and distinctive typeface that conveys strength and sophistication.
As its name suggests (based on 'Helvetia', the Latin word for 'Switzerland'), Helvetica was created in Switzerland, when Eduard Hoffmann, director of the Haus foundry in Münchenstein, decided to commission freelance designer Max Alfons Miedinger to create a new font.

The Power of Colors in Branding

Colors play a vital role in branding and marketing as they evoke emotions and influence consumer behavior, and choosing the right colors for a brand can help create a strong visual identity and enhance brand recognition.
img_klika direction
img_klika direction
img_klika direction
img_klika direction
img_klika direction
img_klika direction
img_klika direction

Explore Klika's Visual Symphony

Unlock the secrets of Klika's brand identity—download the brand book and witness my commitment to design excellence firsthand.

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Crafting the Klika Experience: My Journey in Merchandising

In my work with Klika, I've taken their message and woven it into every piece of merchandise I've created, from apparel to accessories. This isn't just about selling products—it's about telling their story through every item and designing retail spaces that echo the Klika brand's core values. I have aimed to transform every point of contact into an opportunity for engagement, deepening brand loyalty and enhancing their community's connection with Klika.

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