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Community Advocacy

As a passionate Figma Community advocate, I believe in giving back. I offer mentorship, free resources, and insights, empowering budding designers to realize their full potential.
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Figma Community Award

During the Figma Config event in May 2002, I had the honor of three of my resources nominated in two categories. I'm delighted to have won the Figma Community Award in the 'Favorite Educational Resources' category, humbled by the recognition.

Speaking Engagements

I've been privileged to share my insights on esteemed platforms such as Figma Config 2023, Designdicate, PR Arena, HTEC meetup, Symphony meetup, Web Summit-Lisbon 2023, and more. My talks revolve around design strategies, leadership, and the importance of community in fostering innovation.

HTEC Meetup

The Engine of Modern Business

The meetup focused on the synergy between product design and software development, highlighting the evolving role of designers. Peter McNulty's presentation and a panel discussion with regional design leaders were highlights.
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Figma Config

Work with Figma Like The Pros

On June 21, I reached a thrilling milestone, sharing the Config stage with eight outstanding Figma professionals. In the session, "Figma like the Pros," I revealed invaluable tips and tricks.
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PR Arena

How do we design success stories?

In the vibrant atmosphere at Youth Center Skenderija, we opened the PR Arena conference on "Education. Inspiration. Communication." My talk emphasized crafting successful stories with empathy and emotion.


Finding Balance and Resilience

We delved into the world of burnout, exploring strategies to regain balance, build resilience, and overcome the challenges of modern living. Together, we tackled burnout and discovered a path to a healthier, more fulfilling life.
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We communicate to educate

Designdicate, born in November last year, sprang from our inaugural event's spark. Five seasoned design professionals, sharing a common passion, united to create a vibrant community. In a short time, we've hosted 14 live events, 9 online sessions, thanks to our supportive partners.
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Read What My Mentees Have to Say

Discover the transformative experiences and glowing feedback from my mentees as they share their journeys, insights, and the impact of my mentorship. Their words are a testament to the success stories and positive outcomes that await you as a part of my thriving community.
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 He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, coupled with a genuine passion for mentoring. The guidance provided has been instrumental in refining my skills and broadening my perspective within the design field. If you are seeking a mentor who is not only an expert in their field but also genuinely invested in your growth, Rusmir is the person for you. 

Zirwa Tariq
Visual Designer

I recently had a UI/UX design audit session with my mentor on Adplist, and it was an incredibly valuable experience. My mentor provided a thorough review of my design work, giving me actionable feedback and suggestions for improvement. They were knowledgeable, patient, and took the time to explain their thought process and provide examples to support their recommendations.

Muhammad Hamza
Senior User Experience Designer

I had a great session with Rusmir. He is an inspirational, driven, and talented mentor from whom you can learn a lot. He gave practical guidelines that will surely be motivating and useful for my professional development. He has also sent me a lot of learning resources. With many years of experience, I think Rusmir would be an excellent mentor both for beginners and advanced designers. :)

Nikolina Pavicar
UI/UX Designer

The session with Rusmir was truly insightful. He reviewed my resume and portfolio, providing me with very detailed and helpful feedback. He also mentored me in other areas such as job interviews and how should I present myself. Overall, I found the session extremely valuable. If you are seeking mentorship in the field of design, I highly recommend him.

Muhammad Anas Jawaid
UI/UX Designer

Talking to Rusmir I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I instantly felt comfortable, and the time just flew by! I feel empowered to take tangible steps to improve my portfolio and just generally feel more positive and lighter regarding my job search. Thank you Rusmir!

Ambar de Kok-Mercado
Product Designer

Loved the session with Rusmir. He helped me define the path to Design Leadership by talking about improving ways of working by solving people's problems, culture, knowing your craft, processes and providing business value. Rusmir was also kind to share resources on Design Leadership.

Product Designer

Rusmir was a great mentor, and shared the most entertaining stories with me. He has a way of sharing personal anecdotes while still answering all of the questions I asked. It was a great meeting, and we went overtime talking more! Will book again soon to hear more from him.

Brandon Kim
Creative Director

Rusmir is one of the best mentors in ADPList. We had a great talk, he encouraged me, gave me good advice and resources. Also, on the personal side, he is so kind and respectful.

Hanan Haj Ahmed
UX/UI Designer

Really enjoy the session with Rusmir. He provided great advice and resources about how to improve as a designer. Also, his positive attitude inspired me a lot. Really looking forward to talking with him again!

Iris LIn

Talking to Rusmir is always like meeting a friend that knows you and can relate to your experiences. Thank you for making time and sharing your thoughts so honestly and kindly.

Boaz (Bo) Balachsan
Design Lead, Coach & Facilitator

Rusmir showed me valuable directions and explain many important aspects of being a design leader or how easy is to lose seance of confidence during our journeys as a designer and how to get it back.

Daniel Dziuba
Head of UX and Design

Great session with Rusmir! He provided valuable feedback on my resume and portfolio. His positive attitude, wisdom, and experience made me excited about the future of my career.

Jessica Milbern
UX/UI Mentor

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