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Klika's Marketing Design System is a creative arsenal, merging marketing savvy with design intelligence to elevate campaigns. Achieve peak website performance with visuals that engage, resonate, and drive conversion, powered by our comprehensive toolkit.

Design Systems vs Brand Systems

Clarifying the Conceptual Landscape

In the design world, it's easy to conflate design systems with brand systems. However, my two decades of experience have taught me that while a design system is a collection of reusable components guided by clear standards, a brand system encompasses a broader spectrum. It's not just about creating a unified visual language but about infusing the brand's ethos into every facet of the company's operations.

In our journey, we transitioned from the former to the latter — and the KPIs spoke volumes. Team efficiency soared as we scaled back the time needed to create new designs, while our speed to market became a benchmark within the industry.
The Anatomy of

Klika's Brand Design System

In the heart of Klika's company's transformation lies their Brand Design System — a meticulously crafted blueprint that has become the cornerstone of their visual and operational identity. It is more than a set of guidelines; it is the framework through which the brand breathes and operates. Every color, shape, and font choice is a deliberate stroke in the larger picture of our brand narrative. Here, I invite you to delve into the core components that make Klika's system not just functional, but emblematic of my commitment to excellence and consistency across all touchpoints. 
Crafting a Comprehensive Brand Standards Manual
Klika's Brand Standards Manual became the DNA of their brand's identity. It set the stage for everything from typography to the tone of the videos. This was no small feat; each element was carefully crafted to tell the brand story. Since implementing the system in Figma, we've seen a dramatic 63% increase in design production, enabling the team to create more with less time, less friction, and fewer inconsistencies.
General Operations: Streamlining Daily Interactions
The proof of a brand's strength is often seen in the subtleties of daily operations. Klika's system transformed mundane materials — business cards, letterheads, notepads — into brand ambassadors. The impact? The operational materials now take a fraction of the time they once did to create, proving that efficiency can be beautiful.
Human Resources: Onboarding with Brand Consistency
Branding isn't just for clients; it starts from within. From the moment a new hire opens their welcome letter to the employee handbook they receive, the  brand design system ensures a consistent, engaging experience. This has not only standardized the onboarding process but has made it measurably quicker and more immersive.
Marketing/Business Development: Driving Brand Engagement
Marketing is the battlefield of brands. With Klika's system, every web page, social media post, and digital collateral is a strategic move. It's why their time-to-market for marketing initiatives has been slashed, ensuring that they're not just present in the market but actively leading the charge.
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Unlocking Business Potential with a Robust Brand Design System

Strategic Benefits

Integrating a robust brand design system has been nothing short of revolutionary. The KPIs tracking usage, quality, and outcomes don't lie — our brand has never been more robust or coherent. The operational speed and brand consistency have cultivated an ecosystem where innovation thrives.

Obstacles and Triumphs

Developing this system was not without its challenges. Resistance to change and adoption curves were steep, but with each obstacle, we found new strengths. Our persistence turned these challenges into KPIs that not only chart our progress but also underscore our triumphs in design thinking and execution.
Blueprint for a Brand Design System

Proven Methodology

Crafting a Brand Design System is akin to constructing a bridge between creativity and commerce, design and function. My methodology is a distillation of twenty years' worth of insights, a step-by-step guide that transforms brand ethos into tangible experiences. This blueprint has been my north star, guiding me through the creation of a system that's not just visually stunning, but functionally seamless. 
Steps to Create a Brand Design System
Each step in creating the brand design system, from information gathering to implementation, was meticulously planned and measured against KPIs. These metrics served as beacons, guiding my decision-making and refining my processes to ensure that each phase was more efficient and effective than the last.
Continuous Improvement and Governance
The brand design system is a living entity subject to evolution. By continually testing and improving the system, we've managed to stay ahead of the curve, with our governance ensuring that every piece of design work is a testament to our brand's standards.

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