Table System

Do you have a hard time designing tables? Now you can improve your workflow with Brainstorming Table Design system. It includes everything you need to design awesome tables.
Brainstorming UI Style KIt

The system includes


different styles




bonus table samples

Save time with pre-made & customizable buttons, cells, rows, and more.⁣

Brainstorming UI Style KIt

Fully Customizable

Each component or style is fully customizable.
Exceptionally easy to use and carefully layered and grouped in FIGMA.
It's all you need for a quick prototype, design.⁣
Brainstorming UI Style KIt
Brainstorming UI Style KIt

Table Components

Table components

Build table from the component-columns, inside of which the number of rows is predetermined and multiplied

Cell components

The use of a cell-components gives maximum flexibility in styling the table

UI Style Kit

Pixel perfect UI Kit to easily start your next project
Brainstorming UI Style KIt

Table Styles

This file utilizes Figma components, so that you can modify anything you’d like quickly (like colors and/or text).

Brainstorming UI Style KIt
Brainstorming UI Style KIt

Building table

Building a table of components is a task that sooner or later arises for every design system developer in Figma.


Check the video how to work with Brainstorming Table Design System

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