Design system

It helps designers save hundreds of hours of time and build amazing things in Figma.
Brainstorming UI Style KIt

The system includes


different styles


components (504variants)


different grids


bonus mockup devices

Save time with pre-made & customizable buttons, drop-downs, calendars, and more.

What UX Design says about my UI kits

These two resources are two separate projects, but we wanted to highlight them both in one position. Because when these systems are united — you have a powerful combo that you can use in your projects. That’s why we decided to unite them and give them the first place! They will definitely help you save thousands of hours so that you could create beautiful designs in Figma.


Tons of handcrafted components and variants created to increase your app creating speed, for Figma.

Brainstorming UI Style KIt

Beautiful and colorful

We've chosen the bright color palette that arouses only positive emotions and is sure to be loved by almost everyone.

Brainstorming UI Style KIt

UI Style Kit

Pixel perfect UI Kit to easily start your next project
Brainstorming UI Style KIt

Huge elements collection

Style guide, useful icons and elements.

Brainstorming UI Style KIt

Nice categorized

All components are nicely organized and named for better search and use.

Brainstorming UI Style KIt

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